"Make Your Own Mario Flipnote" was held from 10/18/2010 (Monday) to 11/19/2010 (Friday) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

We appreciate receiving so many submissions, all perfect for celebrating Super Mario's 25th anniversary. Below are just some of the favorite flipnotes created with comments from the Super Mario Bros. Creators (Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka, and Yoshiaki Koizumi). Aside from this website, the flipnotes can also be viewed on the Nintendo Channel on your Wii console. Thank you for your submissions!

Super Mario Bros. Creators

Shigeru Miyamoto

As the creator of the hugely popular Mario and The Legend of Zelda games, he is one of the most revered figures in the video game world.
Read the interview with Mr. Miyamoto here

Takashi Tezuka

Takashi Tezuka, was the producer behind the "Yoshi" series, the "Animal Crossing" series, and Flipnote Studio.  He was also the designer/producer of Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda series.

Yoshiaki Koizumi

Yoshiaki Koizumi was the director behind Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. He was also the producer behind Flipnote Studio and Super Mario Galaxy 2
Read the interview with Mr. Koizumi here

Unique Works

Mario Flipnotes from Japan


Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary is celebrated with excitement in Japan, too! We would like to feature twelve excellent flipnotes from Japan. Enjoy!

Nintendo Staff & Artist Flipnotes


Check out some of the creative flipnotes from Nintendo Staff members as well as the illustrator, Ashura Benimaru Itoh, known for his work on the comic adaptations of Star Fox™ and Super Metroid™ serialized in Nintendo Power magazine.

Europe and Oceania Make Your Own Mario Flipnotes


Even more creative flipnotes from Europe and Oceania celebrating Mario and his friends!